Saturday, August 01, 2015

Making the Mean Streets part 2 (TSG Post)

Continuing on from part-1, here is some more work that the good Doctor has performed on his terrain. Hopefully by the time I venture up to his part of the world again we will have a glorious battle report full of some wicked pics to color it with! But that's a ways down the road still, and as you can see, the Doc has quite a bit more work to do.

Here are a few different views of the what will become a pedestal for his Space Marine monument.

And here is the same birdseye view as above, but now with a Space Marine on top of it.

These next two photos should give you a good sense of how big and epic this monument is going to be. 

This next series of photos shows the walls being added to the middle level.

I look forwarded to seeing the next stages of this piece and seeing how he will paint it.

(Hint: don't forget the pigeon poop!).

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Waaargh Pug said...

Wow that's super cool! I need to "borrow" this idea...