Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ork Nob (part 2)

As I predicted in my previous post I was able to get this guy finished fairly fast!

The flesh was given a final highlight of Sunburst Yellow and the black clothing was shaded all the way up to a near white.

Next the fir trim was painted  all the way up to a white undercoat and the metal bits were painted to be a more oxidized rust. Also some leather bits (namely the holster) was painted as well.

The fir trim and teeth were finished off with Skull White.

The gun and metal bitz were done next with final highlights, dings and scratches painted with Mitheral Silver (I love this color!) Also the black clothing was toned down with a black ink wash.

Finally the ammo and ammo box was completed as well as the metal toe guards on the Nob's feet.

And finally, the grass flocking was glued into place!

He was done in good time an a lot of fun to paint! The next pic is a close-up to show some of the detail on his slugga.

And, as bonus: Last time I mentioned how this model was originally released  as a Ltd Ed. model that was sold at Games Day and that I was told that there was a variant out there that has a skull on the grip of the slugga. And sure enough, I dug it out this evening and yes, they are one and the same!

So subtle huh? 


Greg Hess said...

Great job on the nob. The skin is just so vibrant and fantastic! Well done!

neverness said...

Thanks! And I thank Brian Nelson for the fantastic and fun sculpt!