Sunday, March 06, 2016

More Black Legion

Some time last year I painted my first pair of Black Legion troopers as a test of sorts. I was pleased with the results. Over the holidays I started to work on expanding those first two models into a full unit. Like I said the first time around, they paint up fairly easy and quickly, however time has been less sparing than usual as of late, even with getting snowed in (during some of January and lots of February), and some of my free time has been devoted to reading the rules to my new game, Beyond Gates of Antares.

The models in the squad are a mix of the basic '90s Chaos intro sets  and Space Marine intro sets (talked about in the first link above) and three of the current Chaos Marine intro set models.

Five of these guys have the red shoulder pads indicating their affiliation to the Hounds of Abbadon subsect of Black Legionaries who worship Khorne. The other five are pretty much just basic Black Legion guys. I figure I can run them as two squads of 5 or a squad of 10, which gives me some flexibility with my list building.

In this next pic you can see, from right to left, the stages I went through painting their horns:

I use a dark brown for a base-coat, followed by a lighter tan color which I then layer on top of with Bleached Bone before finishing it with Skull White.

With the whole unit mostly done, I decided to add the decals. I have found I prefer to do them before the final highlights just in case there are any touch-ups I may need to do.

The 5 standard Black Legion marines.
While decaling the Hounds of Abbadon I discovered that an old transfer sheet that I acquired 2nd hand (thanks Mike) was just too brittle. Each time I attempted to slide the transfer off of the sheet, it simply disintegrated. Bummer. So I ran out of yellow chaos stars and opted to go with black ones instead. Oddly, I think I like that look better...

The 5 Hounds of Abbadon.
Although time consuming the Micro-set I am using made using these transfers a far less frustrating process than it typically tends to be.

The cables that hang, dangle and drape all over the Chaos Space Marine backpacks were something I paid no mind too until the actual moment came for me to paint them. I decided to go with a yellow/black cable on most of them, as I thought this had a neat technical look. I then used red for the bulk of the remainder then decided to go with colors like red and blue for the rest.

Cables cables everywhere!
It was while painting the blue ones that a thought came to me of the movie/TV cliche of bomb defusing: "Cut the blue one!" Which led my thoughts even further to the scene from an early episode of Archer where this exchange occurred: "One's blue with a white stripe, and the other one's white with a blue stripe." -yeah, I just had to paint some wires like that! LOL

"Cut the teenie bit bluer one."
So these guys are mostly done, I should, hopefully, have an update really soon when they are completed.

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