Monday, April 26, 2021

Cool Squat With Lasgun (Art Monday)

 This is a cool Squat with a Las Gun. 

As cool as one can be with a lasgun.

He was drawn on the same page as the Gyro-stabilized Monowheel image from last week. I was playing around with trying to find my "style" during this period and I was occasionally drawing things with sharp angles and minimal hatching. This image was not used by any of the fanzines I submitted this to, but it did lead to me working on the Squat feature for Inquisitor Magazine a few months later. 

Oh, and today is the 10th birthday of the this blog! Yay! Feel free to send in e-cards, gift cards and bitz.* Thanks for 10 years of support! 

*I am kidding of course, just keep showing up please!

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