Friday, April 16, 2021

Chaos Bikers (Part 8)


The current level of progress.

Progress has continued since the last time I worked on this guy. What follows is how I got this guy up to this point. 

 The metallic trim and filigree is the most obvious addition. This was done using Balthazar Gold as the base with Auric Armor Gold drybrushed over it. 

Basecoats on the trim.

To finish off the trim I went over all over it with Red ink glaze 

The finished trim. 

I went over the mechanical areas of the bike using Black Contrast Paint. This deepened things up nicely and really adds a dirty and oily aspect to this thing. Next I turned my attention to the two nurglings, following the process outline in Eeew, Grotti Part-2. 

Nurglings, half-way thru the paint stages.

After finishing the nurglings, I thought the final Pallid Flesh look didn't stand out against the aged pre-heresy Death Guard color of the bike. So I added an additional wash of the Contrast Medium and the Volupus Pink Contrast Paint mix to pinken these little buggers up a bit.  I like how they have turned out. 


I used Tesseract Glow Technical Paint on the console screen. I like how it came out. It's a bit abstract but I think it's function comes acrossed in the complete result. This technical paint has turned out to be quite a useful tool for me, and I don't have any Necrons!
The display screen.

Over all this thing is starting to come together. Yeah, it looks a little sloppy but it will tighten up in the highlight stage (hopefully). 


Zzzzzz said...

Deff Guard ?!?! I was seeing fallen white scars....

neverness said...

Well, it is a galaxy of possibilities...